Gray hat search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that poses more risk than the white hat search engine optimization (SEO). The utilization of this technique may or may not result in the website being banned from the search engine and its other affiliated websites.

Gray hat search engine is mostly defined as the middle of white hat search engine optimization (SEO) and black hat search engine optimization (SEO). Its practice utilizes the legal methods to improve the rank of the website, however, its ethical practices is quite uncertain. However, a SEO consultant suggest that it is not something between white hat search engine optimization (SEO) and black hat search engine optimization (SEO), it is the application of techniques and tactics that remains unethical by publishing the material out of the search engines, and with it reasonable people disagree with the technique supports that is opposing the guidelines of search engine.

This technique is commonly utilized to help speed up the results but minimizes the risk of penalties by the search engine. When it is made by someone with excellent skills and experience, the website will appear more natural and the website acquires the natural algorithm.

It is essential for the marketers to stay informed of the latest categorizations as gray hat search engine optimization (SEO) changes periodically. There are misconceptions of what the gray hat search engine optimization (SEO) constitutes. It does not use the techniques as the same with white hat search engine optimization (SEO). Here is the list of techniques that are considered legal but falls outside the scope of white hat search engine optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization squatting

Purchase an expired domain which has a relevance to the keywords, add some pages of content with a few backlinks to the website. Be sure that the additional contents have a good quality.

Social Media Accounts

Post some stories and pictures on the social media accounts on the website, this can create social search links back to the website.

Redesign website at regular intervals

The search engine bot cannot determine if the content is fresh or not even if the content is closely the same because the codes and texts are changed.

Link yourself higher

Join forums and comment on any blogs, make sure to make an excuse that can help you include the link to the website.

Fabricate news

There are websites that are desperate for contents, there some of them who are negligent with the authorization procedures. If you can fabricate some news, they may offer a few backlinks.

However, it is best to disregard this technique or tactic, it might violate the terms and conditions of the search engine, and it may result in negative consequences. Each marketer has to evaluate the risk and reward on their own terms, and gray hat search engine optimization (SEO) imposes a great risk as the algorithm of some search engines have become stricter each time. Thus, the safest route as a website owner is to utilize the white hat search engine optimization (SEO) tactic.