Online marketing is the technique used to market, promote, and advertise a business and their products, services, or brand on the World Wide Web. Businesses utilize two sub-channels of online marketing to promote their business online, it may be the pay per click advertising (PPC) or the search engine optimization (SEO).

Pay per click advertising is an inbound marketing that promotes businesses through advertisements being displayed at the side of the organic search results on the search engine’s results page.  When a user searches for a keyword that is related to the promotion, and the advertiser pays the ad is clicked and the website being visited.

Meanwhile, search engine optimization aims to increase the visibility of the website and to increase a web traffic through achieving a higher rank in the search engine results. It improves the websites, ensures it attracts the search engines. Although it uses a complex algorithm, it can determine the order of the results they display for the selected search phrases.

When pay per click advertising and search engine optimization is integrated into a single strategy, it is called search engine marketing.