In today’s search engine results, the intent of the researcher is served and should be placed on the top of the list of SEO priorities. The combination of direct audience interaction, keyword research, and topical research is utilized to promote the website visibility.

Google Hummingbird is a search algorithm utilized by Google, it has been updated to improve the results of the conventional search. It does not make the search engine better by answering specific questions, not like before, that it just picks certain keywords of a query.

Google Hummingbird has been summoned as a complete overhaul of the core algorithm, it has surpassed the initial add-ons of Google’s existing algorithm. It is committed to increasing the understanding of the intent of the searcher’s queries and matches them with more relevant results.

To deeply understand the purpose of Google Hummingbird, it is essential to be familiar with the features of the search engine. Prior to the update to the release of Hummingbird, Google has introduced a knowledge graph that is designed to provide fast and accurate answers to the queries about people, places, and things of the user.

The set of SERP features of Google Hummingbird provides a standard organic result and is linked to recommended websites. It contains a rich set of knowledge graph data and suggestions for related search subjects.

Semantic search determines the results and reflects the intent of the searcher, and their needs are adequately addressed. It may be a complex component, but it has increased the understanding of the real world entities and its relationship to one another. The SERP serves the results that match the intent of the searcher than the language of the searcher.

In addition, the update of the Google Hummingbird has been an important step towards the possibility of Google having a mastery of the inevitable discovery of voice search. As the conventional search of Hummingbird became obsolete, Google was equipped to fully understand the natural language through the use of the spoken word for searches.

The technology that is limited to the understanding of the keyword by keyword search language, has been surpassed by the developments of semantic search, like Hummingbird which is designed to effectively operate and function for the natural language.

The local community of the SEO has hypothesized that Google Hummingbird may have a great impact on the local and local organic search results since it has a greater localization of the organic results for queries with the local intent and a continued, substantial presence of a directory type search result of the local organic results.

Google Hummingbird connects the old, spam practices and modern SEO which results from the users to use the natural language. Google Hummingbird can decrease the local search engine of the local business owners, however, this is rare to experience a negative impact on websites. Most of the practical application is to ensure that the natural language should reflect the content of the site. Those websites that are neatly identified and published the answers to the most popular query of the public is chosen by Google to be a relevant source for particular topics.