It is easy to create a blog, however, it is difficult to have a significant traffic.

Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by the visitors to a certain website. Sites monitor the incoming and outgoing web traffic to determine which web pages of the websites are popular and whether these have apparent trends.

How to increase the web traffic? An increase is aimed through the use of search engines and search engine optimization. Although not all techniques work, these can still be applied and used.

Target the Content to a Large Audience

Think about who the content of your writing is for, and most likely consider the ability of the audience to share the word. There are prospective consumers of the content that are interested in the topic, and are susceptive to the style of your writing and point of view; and in every content distributors who have accounts on social media, there are heavy content sharers who actively share the blogs and sites.

Write Catchy Headlines

The headline is obviously one of the most important parts of the content, a captivating headline can drive most of the traffic. Even the best content can be unread if the headline is not carefully thought.

Have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly content

Optimize the content for search engines, it will always be an important practice. Do not let the bad press or poor experiences with spammers happen, it might ruin the reputation of the website.

Use Social Media Platforms to Share the Content

It is not enough to create a great optimized content, you have to promote your content through the social media channels. Social media can give you more new connections, these networks have massive content distributors that can help spread the word. Social media is the largest source of web traffic.

Install Analytics and Be Attentive to the Results

Discover where the user visits came from, which sources have contributed quality traffic and the feedback of the users of the content. It is important to utilize analytics to know where you succeed, and when you have more opportunity.

Add Graphics, Photos, and Illustrations

It is the advantage of the written content to have graphics, photos, and illustrations. When using an image, or other media content have something the others can use on their own website. Those who will use links back, which can provide a new source of traffic.

Guest Blog

It can be tough to invite and convince people to allow you to post a content on their website, it is an effective method to spread your products and services.

Secure a guest post on a reputable website and it can increase the traffic to your website and help build a brand into the bargain. Although you should be cautious, the standards for guest blogging have changed.

However, not all web traffic is significant. Some web site owner offers advertising schemes in return for an increased web traffic, some have fake traffic that is generated by bot traffic through a third-party application.